Hunt Training

For dogs who love to hunt and the owners who love to hunt them. We offer Hunt Training for your hunting companion. At Dogs of the Feather we call it from “Sit to Gundog.” From Puppy to Basic to Hunt Training. Without the prerequisites Hunt Training would be a very difficult road to travel. We work with Pointers, Flushers and Retrievers. The training is constructed to meet the needs of the breed and the owner. The breed dictates the method of training, which is used to turn your dog into a great hunting companion and a loving family dog.

Our Basic Hunt Training

Basic obedience (if needed)

Delivery to hand

Whoa work (for pointers)

Quartering (for flushers)

Bird work (feathers, feathers and more feathers)

Voice, whistle and hand signals

Force fetching (if needed and by owners consent)

Drill Work Includes


Blind retrieves


Single Retrieves

Hunt Dead (dead birds)


Multiple retrieves

Back and overs (casting drills)



We teach from “Sit to Gundog” and everything in between.

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