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We specialize in bird dog training for Pointers, Flushers and Retrievers. We also offer Puppy Training and Basic Obedience Training for all breeds (hunting and non-hunting). We will teach your dog to sit, stay, here (come here), heel, down (lay down), off (no jumping), kennel and he will understand what “NO and “GOOD” means.


Hunt Training for bird dogs, includes the Basic Obedience and teaching the commands whoa, place, load (load up), drop, hold, over, back and dead bird. We will work with you on any obedience or training problems you are experiencing with your new dog or puppy. We work with you and show you how to train your new addition to your family. Remember “A dog owner can love his dog; A dog trainer can love and train his dog”.

We will be more than happy to show you how that’s done, because on the other end of a happy dog is a happy owner. And please remember…If you have a bird dog then don’t forget to ask us about our specialized training for your next hunting companion. And last but not least…Don’t forget to ask us about our Customized Leads, Leashes and Checkcords, along with many other dog training accessories for all of your dog training needs.

Our Fees

  • $200 for consultations
  • $100 for hunt lessons (30 minutes) (Additional fees apply)

Prices are subject to change

Hunting training fees increase with bird work. Please call at 707-372-4426 for group rates of six or more or bird costs for hunt training.


We have a large selection of accessories that will fit any of your training needs. From customized leads, leashes and checkcords to several training aids, like the Command Lead from Rick Smith and the Pinch Collar (I call it a pressure collar) from Dave Walker Kennels. We are also a distributor of a fine selection of e-collars from E-Collar Technologies ( I personally use their product on all of my hunting dogs). And please, don’t forget we carry a fantastic line of Dogs of the Feather t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and hats. And last but not least, please remember to check out our “DOG QUOTES” page. We can take your favorite quote and a picture of your dog and have it applied on any of our t-shirts, sweatshirts, or polo style shirts. We can even apply your picture and quote on acrylic just like the picture at the top of the DOG QUOTES PAGE. If there is something you are looking for give us a call and we will be more than happy to try and find it for you.

We work with any dogs that have obedience issues, socialization issues.

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